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Sponge and Solid Rubber      Mouldings and Extrusions

Cellular Developments Limited of Nyewood - specialist manufacturer of sponge rubber and solid rubber mouldingsCellular Developments Limited are a specialist manufacturer of sponge and solid rubber mouldings and extrusions, rubber to metal bonded products, gaskets and specialist rubber products.

We manufacture for a wide variety of industries, including Lighting, Defence, Domestic Appliance, Electronics and Optical Engineering and Building Products.

A Technical Rubber company offering UK manufactured parts as well as the benefits of Global Procurement

Quality is Always Guaranteed

Inspection of raw rubber

Cellular Developments is committed to quality and has been registered to BS EN ISO9002 since 1998.

Our quality system focuses on prevention of quality problems, reduction of rejects and scrap, delivery targets and continuous improvement.

The quality department carries out inspection at all stages of the process and with its dedicated laboratory...

Cellular Developments Quality Assurance


Our customer required a 2m long strip with metal side plates and a flexible strip of rubber in the sandwich to act as an expansion joint in a flooring product.

There were intended applications that required suitability for general commercial use and some more demanding applications with requirements for flammability and smoke emissions.

We developed a system of post vulcanisation bonding of a continuous cured polychloroprene EPDM or Vamac compound to meet the demands of the applications.


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