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Below are a selection of different types products that we can manufacture. Click on a link to see more details.

Gaskets and 'O' rings manufactured by Cellular Developments Ltd, HampshireGaskets and 'O' rings
Produced at Cellular Developments the gaskets and 'O' rings are used in a variety of applications, such as automotive, water treatment, oil and gas industries, many other applications. We work with our customers in the design products and formulate materials to suit the application.

Moulded Rubber Seals for engineering, marine and pumps Industrial Engineering, Marine and Pump Seals
We have developed with our customers to produce industrial and engineering products to suit all applications. Our full range of materials and our technical expertise, will ensure that the correct material is used for your application.

Rubber to Metal Bonded Products Rubber to Metal Bonded Products
We specialise in Rubber to Metal bonded products for seals, anti-vibration, suspension and expansion joints. We can bond to a variety of metals and some plastics, we can also produce tooling and inserts for this process.

Autoclave cured Extrusions - using a variety of rubbers Continuous or Autoclave cured Extrusions
In a wide variety of materials, colours and shapes including sponge rubber, silicone rubber, anti static materials, anti-stretch materials, corded materials with or without self adhesive backing.

Sponge rubber mouldings manufactured by Cellular Products, Petersfield, Hampshire Sponge rubber mouldings
Sponge rubber can be produced with open and closed cells and in a variety of polymers to suit the environmental conditions. Closed cell materials have a low fluid absorption. Sponge rubbers are used for seals and gaskets where compression is the main sealing method, and can be used in applications where large tolerances are to be accommodated. Sponge rubber, when compressed reduces in volume and this can be advantageous in certain sealing applications.

Shot moulded corner & specialist extrusions Shot moulded corner & specialist extrusions
Our shot moulding and jointing techniques are perfect in applications where extrusions have to be vulcanised into a frame or ring. We are capable of producing joints in solid and sponge extrusions and also in hollow section extrusions.

We can work with you to fully develop a functional extrusion with a shot moulded joint thus ensuring the same material is used for both extrusion and the joint, or we can work with your free issue extrusion to produce a vulcanised joint.Joints can be made straight or scarf jointed.Some examples of current applications include Door seals for containers, Window and door seals for trains and buses and large gaskets for industrial use.

Complex Sponge Mouldings Complex Sponge Mouldings
We have assisted in the design of many complex and specialist sponge rubber mouldings where compression and /or thermal insulation are required for example sponge can be used where air conditioning pipes pass through a bulkhead

TPE or TPR Thermoplastic Elastomer / Rubber TPE or TPR Thermoplastic Elastomer / Rubber
These materials are often used as a cost effective solution for larger volume productions. They mould like plastic, hot melt is injected into a cold mould, but can feel like rubber with shore hardness from 8-100. The cycle times are faster than rubber moulding cycles and there is often no need to de-flash or trim the part. We have often changed conventional rubber components to TPE for example, for use in domestic appliances, showing considerable savings.



The customer required a seal to be bonded to stainless steel for use in a radioactive environment.

Specific load deflection and compression set properties were also specified. We developed an EPDM sponge compound and successsfully met the performance requirements using a scaled down development model.

This was then scaled up to full size for manufacturing.


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