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Cellular Developments work with a very wide range of materials in both solid and cellular form. We undertake material development should our standard materials be unsuitable to meet the criteria of a particular project.

Raw Rubber StripsWe are very aware that careful selection of the elastomer is essential to ensure that all design criteria are met. When selecting the type of rubber to be used it is necessary to consider some or all of the following:

  • Mechanical properties - eg. hardness, tensile strength, compression set.
  • Electrical properties - eg. resistivity, conductivity
  • Thermal properties - eg. service temperature
  • Environmental properties - eg. weathering and ozone resistance, radiation resistance
  • Chemical properties - eg. oil or acid resistance
  • Costs - some rubbers are much more expensive than others, therefore decisions have to be made whether durability is more important than cost
  • Process to be used - eg.1) thermoplastic rubbers moulded on convential plastic injection equipment for high volume jobs, would be processed using fast cycles, for lower cost and increased outputs. eg.2) Compression moulding for single cavity prototype tools or single cavity production tools

The following are just some of the thermoset rubber we can offer, click on a name to see a list of properties:

Natural Rubber SBR EPDM Neoprene CR
Hypalson CSM Nitrile NBR Acrylic ACR Vacmac
Santo-Preme Silicon Si Therban HNBR Viton FPM
Fluoro-Silicon Si

Rubber We also offer thermoplastic rubber (TPE/TPR) this material covers a very wide range of polymer types and can offer the end user many advantages such as, cost effective alternatives to conventional thermoset rubbers and polymers which can be coloured.



*The information and data contained herein are believed to be accurate and reliable, however it is the user's responsibility to determine suitability of use. Cellular Developments Group or its Group Companies make no warranties concerning fitness or suitability of its products for a particular use or purpose



Our brief was to produce a protective eyeguard for an application that required no light to escape from the instrument until the users head was pushed against the eyeguard.

It also had to be resistant to various chemicals and radiation. To support the users head, a metal insert was used to stiffen the moulding and butyl rubber was selected for its chemical resistance properties.

Bellows were moulded to allow movement of the eyeguard to operate flaps that opened to allow the light through the lens.



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